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Paginating Top Items – HOTWire HNPWA #3

If you look at the number of TopItems coming back from the API, you’ll see it’s much more than 30. How do you display all these items? Pagination! ActiveRecord has an offset method that tells the database where to start in the records it returns. If you don’t specify an offset, the database starts countingContinue reading “Paginating Top Items – HOTWire HNPWA #3”

Turbo Streaming Top Items – HOTWire HNPWA #2

Turbo Streaming is going to work best with ActiveRecord Models. The Hacker News model uses Item models, which can be stories, comments, jobs, polls, or poll options. In the first implementation, the Item was modeled to be as generic as the API dispensed. This time, stories and jobs will continue to be modeled as ItemContinue reading “Turbo Streaming Top Items – HOTWire HNPWA #2”

Protecting ActiveStorage Uploads

ActiveStorage is a great addition to Rails. However, if need to protect uploads through a means more secure than the security by obscurity provided by the redirect service, you need to write your own controller. Setup a demo If you don’t have an existing app using Rails 6.1, you can follow these steps. Otherwise skipContinue reading “Protecting ActiveStorage Uploads”

Updating to Stimulus.js 2.0

A new version of Stimulus is out. Here are some things to consider if you decide to update to 2.0. It adds a Values api, CSS classes, and a change to the target attribute syntax. Upgrading Stimulus First, update Stimulus with Yarn. This will update the library itself, and all the dependencies. Look for data-targetContinue reading “Updating to Stimulus.js 2.0”