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Filtering Data in HOTWire

When we have a long list of Todos, sometimes we want to filter them by name. We can easily do this using Turbo’s morphing and a Stimulus controller to update the page from the server. One previous way to get this interactivity was to use a Stimulus controller that filtered the HTML. This still works,Continue reading “Filtering Data in HOTWire”

HOTWire & Turbo Tutorial: Animated Deletions and Insertions

With the addition of the new Todo form appearing at the bottom of the Todos, and the delete action removing a Todo, we have a very functional app. It would be nice if those additions and removals had a little animation to emphasize what’s happening on the page. If there was a long list, we might miss the deletion, especially if a network request caused a delay in the removal of the Todo. We can hook into Turbo streams, and run some animations on these actions to make them appear and disappear.