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Hotwire Tutorial: How Do I Drag and Drop Items in a List?

If you’ve been following the changes in Turbo 8, it looks incredibly promising for improving the perception of speed and interactivity on our web apps. A lot of the Stimulus Tutorials could use an update since they were first written, so I thought it would be good to over existing tutorials and rethink them withContinue reading “Hotwire Tutorial: How Do I Drag and Drop Items in a List?”

Interactive HOTWire Notifications with Turbo Streams

Rails’ use of flash messages is a great way to provide context for customer actions. If they delete an object, flashing a notice that the delete action succeeded, or perhaps failed, gives them more context to make the next decision. With HOTWire’s asynchronous nature, you don’t get those notifications in the same way, especially ifContinue reading “Interactive HOTWire Notifications with Turbo Streams”

Stimulus.js & HOTWire Tutorial: Interactive Deletes

Interactive websites have that feeling of immediacy. Clicked links respond in milliseconds, and there is never a need to wait… Waiting for a remote record to delete, and then the whole page refresh afterwards can feel like an eternity in web’s modernity.

HOTWiring an existing Rails Monolith: Forms!

Let’s say your majestic monolith is looking for more interactivity, and you’ve picked up Turbo. What aspects of a Rails app change that may cause some headaches? Add Turbo, and then follow along! Forms First, you need to test all your forms. Turbo dramatically changes the behavior of each form. The biggest change you willContinue reading “HOTWiring an existing Rails Monolith: Forms!”

Lazy Loading Lots of Comments HOTWire Tutorial #5

As we continue in building out the HOTWire Hacker News Progressive Web App, it’s time to look at loading the comments. This is an interesting data problem, because each item has comments, and each comment has comments, and you can go recursively until you run out. The original HNWPA pushed all the comment loading intoContinue reading “Lazy Loading Lots of Comments HOTWire Tutorial #5”

Paginating Top Items – HOTWire HNPWA #3

If you look at the number of TopItems coming back from the API, you’ll see it’s much more than 30. How do you display all these items? Pagination! ActiveRecord has an offset method that tells the database where to start in the records it returns. If you don’t specify an offset, the database starts countingContinue reading “Paginating Top Items – HOTWire HNPWA #3”