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Interactive HOTWired paginated deletes

When you have a lot of records, it makes sense to paginate the table. That way, instead of loading thousands of records, you can load a subset, with better performance, and allow your user to move through the pages as leisure. It’s also better for usability, because it’s easier to go back to a particularContinue reading “Interactive HOTWired paginated deletes”

Improving Performance with Russian Doll Caching HOTWire Tutorial #6

Now that the HOTWire Hacker News Progressive Web App loads in the comments asynchronously, you should experience the slow loading on the comments page. Since each level of comments can load another level of comments, it will feel slow as everything loads into the page in chunks. You’ll also notice that the comments are alwaysContinue reading “Improving Performance with Russian Doll Caching HOTWire Tutorial #6”