Stimulus.js Tutorial: Implementing Radio Selection In A Form

Let’s say your building a really fancy UI, and you don’t want to use plain old radio buttons in your form. You might have a list of items, and you’d like your customer to select one of them. You also don’t want them to submit the form without selecting an item. Here’s an example of […]

Stimulus + Trix: Convert Emoji Short Codes To Unicode Characters On The Fly

Let’s Add an Emoji Converter to Trix with Stimulus We’ve been exploring using Stimulus to add interactivity to our apps. Let’s use Stimulus to watch for typing changes, and convert an emoji short code into the actual glyph, such as :smiley: to 😀 Getting Started I’ve uploaded my code to Github, so you can follow […]

Is using Webpack in Rails worth it?

If you’ve been paying attention to the larger development ecosystem, Javascript is the rage. For example, ”GitHub is home to open source projects written in 337 unique programming languages—but especially JavaScript.“ There are many Javascript frontends available, and even the backends are written in Javascript. But if you love Ruby like I do, using more […]

Stimulus.js Tutorial: Listening to onScroll Events for a Sticky Table Header

In one of my projects, I had a table with a lot of rows of uniform data. I started using a JQuery plugin called Sticky Table Headers. It worked really well, but I’ve been experimenting with moving different components of my code to Stimulus, where it made sense, so I thought I’d try to replicate […]

Stimulus.js Tutorial: How do I filter data in a list or table?

Let’s work off the previous Todo tutorial and add a way to filter those Todos using just Stimulus. We will only need to work on the todos/index.html file, and to add one Javascript controller. This example will highlight how Stimulus enhances your server rendered HTML, without the need to build complicated constellations of Javascript objects. […]

Stimulus.js Tutorial: How Do I Remotely Update My Model from a checkbox?

An updated version of this post can be found here: First, I’m going to assume you’ve read the Stimulus handbook, cover to cover, like I have. Let’s say you have a Todo app, with a model Todo that has a string title, and a boolean field, completed. We are going to use Stimulus to […]

Stimulus.js Tutorial: How Do I Drag and Drop Items in a List?

You’ve heard about Stimulus in the DHH press tour. You’ve read the Stimulus Handbook. How about a more complicated example than what you’ve seen? Here’s a tutorial on using Stimulus to drag and drop items around in a list. Let’s start with our simple ordered list in html. Notice that each item has a id associated […]

How Do I Authorize Only the Creator of a Post to Update or Delete it?

Let’s say your Rails app has an ActiveRecord data type, Post, and you want to only authorize the creator of that Post, who is of type User, to update or delete the record. One way to prevent the wrong User from editing the Post is to keep track of the creator with a foreign key, […]

How do you get Devise working with your Rails API?

Let’s say you’re building an app on iOS, and you’ve already built an API and you’ve chosen Devise, but you’re stuck because you cannot authorize your user like you can in your web browser. What do you do? One area where where Devise seems to be lacking support is API authentication, especially with HTTP requests […]